• Breaking: Upgrade to Angular 6


  • Feature: Data labels for bar charts (#752)

  • Bug: Fix computation of X axis ticks angle (#820)


  • Feature: Added support for overriding x and y axis ticks (#723)

  • Feature: Added support for area chart floor value (#684)

  • Feature: Implemented min value scales for vertical and horizontal bar charts

  • Enhancement: Performance improvements across multiple charts (#765, #758)

  • Enhancement: Added support for overriding the min width of pie grid items (#762)

  • Bug: Fixed error being thrown when results is undefined (#217)

  • Bug: Fixed label input in pie-grid (#773)


  • Feature: Added bar-vertical yScaleMin (#732)

  • Feature: Added support for label input in pie grid chart (#731)

  • Bug: Avoid invalid paths when rect shape has 0 width or height (#742)

  • Bug: Fix stacked bar chart negative values issue (#605)

  • Chore: Added basic test of area-chart (#737)


  • Bug: Fixed template compile errors with fullTemplateTypeCheck (#730)


  • Feature: Added support for passing a function to the customColors input to all charts. (#676, #713)

  • Feature: Added trimLabels and maxLabelLength inputs to pie chart (#716)

  • Feature: Added inputs for formatting the name, value, and percentage in advanced pie chart (#719)

  • Enhancement: Switched to using lettable rxjs operators (#683)

  • Enhancement: Allow using the timeline for linear x scales (#624)

  • Bug: Fixed line/area tooltip positioning in firefox (#671)

  • Bug: Removed duplicate input declaration (#708)

  • Bug: Fixed duplicate % sign in pie grid charts when animations are disabled (#685)


  • Fix: Export polyfills to fix AoT build issue with Angular 5 (#644)


  • Breaking: Added support for angular 5 (#633)

  • Bug: Fixed 'ReferenceError: SVGElement is not defined' exception when using with angular universal (#587)

  • Bug: Fixed NaN issue on Advanced Pie Chart (#597)

  • Bug: Changed onDeactivate in the gauge component to emit the correct value instead of the event value from the global scope (#613)


  • Feature: Added inputs to control minimum and maximum values on the axes (#582, #359)

  • Feature: Added input to enable/disable animations (#565)

  • Feature: Added designatedTotal Input for Pie Grid (#554)

  • Enhancement: Don't transform text to uppercase in legends and labels (#578)

  • Enhancement: Changed legends and label colors (#578)

  • Enhancement: Increased font size in advanced legend and number cards subtext (#578)

  • Enhancement: Hide legend title when title is missing (#578)

  • Enhancement: Added x-axis value to the context of a bubble chart tooltip (#530)

  • Bug: Removed path from SVG refs to fix gradients not working when URL has queryString (#584)

  • Bug: Fixed bug where value arc animation on gauge chart would start from 0 on update (#563)

  • Bug: Removed date conversion for name-value at series-tooltip (#544)

  • Bug: Added null check for rootComponents in injection servoce (#574)

  • Bug: Fixed issue where the tooltip would not appear for certain points (#501)

  • Bug: Fixed issue where pie chart colors would not update on color changes (#551)

  • Bug: Added polyfill for SVGElement.prototype.contains (#386)

  • Bug: Renamed ngOutletContext (deprecated) to ngTemplateOutletContext (#535)

  • Docs: Added custom chart page


  • Bug: Fixed line chart stroke color

  • Bug: Fixed timeline width and alignment

  • Bug: Fixed truncation of legend text (#487)

  • Chore: Removed patch numbers from peerDependencies (#478)


  • Breaking: Removed showSeriesOnHover option of line-chart

  • Refactor: Improved performance of line and area chart tooltips (#463)

  • Enhancement: Added roundEdges input property to bar charts (#408)

  • Enhancement: Tooltip elements are not created if tooltips are disabled (#415)

  • Enhancement: Added the option to define reference lines in line charts (#422)

  • Enhancement: Improved animations

  • Bug: Fixed timeline select issue (#425)

  • Chore: Upgraded angular to 4.2.5

  • Demo: Added timeline filter bar chart demo

  • Demo: Added Combo chart (bar and line) demo (#432)


  • Bug: Fix bug where the axis component would not emit a dimensionsChanged event in some cases


  • Feature: Added option to pass custom ng-templates for tooltips to all charts

  • Enhancement: Added 'label' input to advanced pie chart component

  • Enhancement: Exposed xOrient and yOrient properties on axis components

  • Enhancement: Set default dimensions if width or height are undefined or 0

  • Enhancement: Set a default color scheme

  • Bug: Fixed bubble chart overriding the view input

  • Bug: Fixed linear color scheme when there are less than 3 colors

  • Bug: Fixed gradient not applying to straight lines

  • Demo: Added sparkline custom demo chart

  • Demo: Added interactive treemap demo chart


  • Bug: Remove RGBColor type from color-util file (#394)


  • Feature: Added Polar/Radar chart type (#380)

  • Enhancement: Disable pointer if no click events are attached to number cards (#378)

  • Enhancement: Added gradiant to tree map chart (#382)

  • Enhancement: Added support for inverted colors from rgba values in number cards (#366)

  • Enhancement: Added value and label formatting to tree map (#383)

  • Refactor: loremess restrictive angular dependency versioning (#358)

  • Bug: Fixed types in gauge chart (#364)

  • Bug: Fixed axis and tooltips on bubble chart (#352)

  • Bug: Added styleUrls and changeDetection to bubble chart

  • Bug: Truncate dimension values

  • Bug: Fixed number card count animation (#387)

  • Bug: Added type to gauge chart valueFormatting parameter (#388)


  • Bug: Fix number card scaling in hybrid apps using ngUpgrade (#338)

  • Bug: Fix label trimming and clipped SVGs (#340)


  • Bug: Add default value for label format (#334)


  • Enhancement: Added valueFormatting input to number card chart (#325)

  • Enhancement: Added label formatting input to number card chart (#332)

  • Enhancement: Added tooltipText to pie charts (#331)

  • Enhancement: Added option in line-chart for disabling series on hover (#323)

  • Enhancement: Added an input for custom legend title (#317)

  • Bug: Fixed number card text scaling when values change (#330)

  • Bug: Inverted y-axis on horizontal bar charts (#328)

  • Bug: Fix division by zero in pie label component


  • Enhancement: valueFormatting applies to Gauge Arc Labels too


  • Breaking: Upgrade to angular 4


  • Feature: Added ability to set card text color in number card (#284)

  • Enhancement: Added more heatmap options and support for various inputs for innerPadding (#297, #301)

  • Enhancement: Added valueFormatting input to linear gauge chart

  • Enhancement: Added valueFormatting input to gauge chart

  • Enhancement: Added labelFormatting input to pie chart

  • Enhancement: Updated pie chart label animations (#291)

  • Bug: Fixed pie chart positioning

  • Bug: Fixed ticks calculation on resize (#295)

  • Bug: Fixed percentage value in pie grid when the total is 0 (#288)

  • Bug: Fixed date formatting in bubble chart tooltips (#285)

  • Bug: Fixed Scale.round error in line chart ()#287)

  • Chore: AOT error fixes


  • Enhancement: Improved pie chart label positioning (#273)

  • Enhancement: Improved number card design and scaling (#272)

  • Chore: Refactored charts to use d3 modules directly in library components (#270)


  • Bug: Fixed customColors mapping

  • Chore: Various AoT compilation and build improvements (#255, #257, #258, #259, #256, #263, #260, #266)


  • Chore: AoT compilation compatibility improvements (#253, #252, #251)

  • Enhancement: Added option to disable tooltips (#223)


  • Enhancement: Added option to override the value in gauge chart

  • Bug: Fixed padding on bubble charts

  • Chore: Compile SCSS into CSS before building

  • Chore: Expor ChartComponent through the main module


  • Bug: Fix tooltip when axis labels are not shown in bubble chart

  • Bug: Do not round scales when they are not linear

  • Enhancement: Show Axis labels in bubble chart tooltip (#210)


  • Bug: Fix items not always deactivating on bubble chart

  • Bug: Fix bubbles not showing for when y value is 0

  • Bug: Fix realtime data generator on demo page for line and area charts


  • Feature: Added scatter/bubble chart (#197)

  • Bug: Made line-area-tooltip anchor visible on light theme

  • Bug: Fixed precision on pie grid percentage values (#202)


  • Bug: Update zone.js version


  • Bug: Fixed css scope

  • Bug: Fixed vertical alignment issue of advanced pie legend

  • Bug: Fixed AOT issue where scss files were missing in the release folder

  • Chore: Made tooltip injector use Renderer

  • Chore: Updated Angular to 2.4.5


  • Bug: Fixed regressions from CSS refactor


  • Enhancement: Added barPadding and groupPadding properties to bar-charts (#185)

  • Enhancement: Added innerPadding property for heatmap, to control padding between cells (#165)

  • Enhancement: Added axisTickformatting property to bar, area, line, gauge and heatmap charts, for custom axis tick formatting (#167)

  • Enhancement: Added innerRadius property to pie charts, Fixes #104 (#162)

  • Enhancement: Added roundDomain property to all charts with axis, allowing it to round the domains to nice values (#183)

  • Enhancement: Added animation to areaTooltip anchors (#183)

  • Bug: Charts not rendering if container is hidden by default (#170)

  • Bug: Use old parent dimensions if new dimensions are undefined or 0

  • Bug: Fixed axis number formatting (#171)

  • Chore: Updated dependencies

  • Chore: Replaced moment with d3 timeFormat. Moment.js is no longer a dependency (#173)

  • Chore: Only include used Rxjs operators to decrease file size (#169)

  • Chore: Refactored CSS and embedded it into the chart components. No need to import the css file separately any longer. [Breaking change]


  • Enhancement: Add ngx-charts-outer class to ngx-charts inner element

  • Chore: Update dependencies


  • Fixed bug where activated lines and areas would not deactivate when mouse leaves the circle

  • Added fade in animation to active circle line


  • Added min and max ranges option to line charts (#160)

  • Added margin support for Gauge charts (#159)

  • Added animation to pie chart label

  • Replaced window.location with angular's Location provider

  • Fixed axis tick overlap in gauge chart when the angle span is 360

  • Replaced .children with .getElementsByTagName in area tooltip to fix error in IE11 (#157)


  • Changed arc colors on gauge charts to be based on name, not value


  • Fixed typo in circle series (#149)

  • Fixed gradient bug in heatmap

  • Updated Axis components to allow tick count to be an input

  • Changed scaleText methods on gauge charts to not be recoursive


  • Added the group name in grouped bar tooltips

  • Added legend to gauge chart

  • Added tooltips to gauge chart


  • Fixed broken count animation in number card

  • Fixed tooltip for hybrid apps

  • Cody lint updates


  • Namespaced the project to swimlane organization


  • Exported ColorHelper class


  • Updated tooltips to latest version from ngx-ui


  • Renamed project to ngx-charts

  • Prefixed component selectors with ngx-charts-

  • Upgraded angular to 2.4.1

  • Implemented BaseChartComponent as an angular component and set up proper component inheritance

  • Converted color helper to a class

  • Implemented linear color schemes for bar, line and area charts and added schemeType input

  • Added support for multiple values in gague chart

  • Implemented linear gauge chart

  • Implemented triggering legend item activation when chart items are being hovered


  • BREAKING: Renamed clickHandler to select (#120)

  • Bug: Tooltips show up in top left corner sometimes

  • Polish: Tooltips have animation entry now

  • Polish: Add highight gradient and column when hovering a circle

  • Polish: Remove outline on focus (#106)

  • Polish: Make pie grid less ugly (#90)

  • Polish: Highlighting a line/area chart in legend, defocuses others

  • Polish: Radial gradients on pie charts vs linear

  • Polish: Better sizing for heatmap legends

  • Chore: Refactor Advanced Legend (#125)

  • Chore: Webpack html templates for Google Analytics


  • Enhancement: Hover of legend doesn't highlight bar (#73)

  • API: Added activate and deactivate events to chart for hovers

  • Bug: Fix number card positioning due to count up

  • Bug: Fix decimal places on advanced pie legend

  • Chore: Fix rx mapping (#123)

  • Polish: Tweak label color bg

  • Polish: Tweak circle / heat map tooltip titles

  • Perf: Improve perf of circles using ngIf


  • Bug: Fix for number cards not updating to last value

  • Bug: Revert RxJS Import Optimized (#62) due to (#119)

  • Polish: Added animation on treemap

  • Polish: Better formatting for treemap values

  • Polish: Added animation on advanced pie

  • Polish: Added animation on pie grid


  • Polish: Treemap/Number card label color improvements

  • Polish: Tooltip formatting improvements

  • Backlog: RxJS Import Optimized (#62)

  • Backlog: AoT fixes


  • Renamed CommonModule to ChartCommonModule to fix name conflicts with other frameworks #109

  • Converted date objets to formatted strings in some charts

  • Removed rounded corners on thin bars

  • Improved on destroy hooks in tooltips

  • Merged legendLabelClick output into select output

  • Fixed legend click data format


  • Fixed pie chart labels going out of bounds

  • Updated area tooltip formatting and legend colors for dates

  • Updated numbercard height scale max size


  • Bug: Fix number card text scaling

  • Added custom timeline background element

  • Wrapped timeline updates in

  • Style updates


  • Bug: Advanced Pie Legend not clickable

  • Bug: Date equality not scaling properly


  • Enhancement: Added legendLabelClick event

  • Enhancement: Properly format labels and numbers in axis, tooltips, and legends

  • Bug: Fix typo in legend eye class

  • Style: Hover styling for legend entries

  • Chore: Upgrade to Angular 2.2.2

  • Chore: Better Webpack Config

  • Chore: Normalized exports


  • Bug: Wrap all updates in to fix issue in hybrid apps

  • Perf: Add starting value to reduce calls

  • Bug: Fix sorting in line and area charts

  • Bug: Fix change detection in hybrid Angular applications

  • Style: Better tooltip styling


  • Chore: Export BaseCharts

  • Perf: Switch change detection strategy to OnPush


  • Bug: Don't do rounded edges on bars smaller than their radius

  • Bug: Scale number cards by height

  • Bug: Set text inside number cards to prevent overflow (#89)

  • Bug: Format numbers and dates according to locale

  • Bug: Fix timeline width when no legend is present

  • Bug: Embed charts into timeline; Restyle timeline

  • Bug: Show percentages in tooltips for normalized bar charts (#79)

  • Chore: Change legend class name to prevent style conflicts (#98)

  • Chore: Upgrade to Angular 2.2.1

  • Chore: Fix tooltips in hybrid apps


  • Added gauge chart

  • Fixed source map file name

  • Fixed bug where grid panels in grouped bar chart would have the wrong size and position


  • Added fade in animation to charts

  • Excluded d3 from the release bundle

  • Decreased the pie grid doughnut width


  • Fixed bug where view dimension feedback would enter into a loop due to float decimals

  • Fixed bug where tree map would not call update on the base chart

  • Switched legend label truncation to css ellipsis

  • Added maximum height to legend, and scrollbars on overflow

  • Added a count up animation to number cards

  • Fixed advanced pie layout

  • Updated pie grid layout and padding

  • Refactored pie grid to use the pie arc component

  • Updated testing framework


  • Added force directed graph chart (#64)

  • Fixed bug where tooltip would not work when library is used in an angular 1 application using ngUpgrade

  • Fixed tooltip positioning

  • Added line interpolation option for line and area charts (#52)

  • Updated view dimension calculation to properly take into account the width and height of the axis tick labels.

  • Various bug fixes and code style fixes


  • Chore: Upgrade Webpack 2.25

  • Chore: Remove rollup in favor of webpack builds


  • Added option to resize charts to fit containers if view property is not set (#44)

  • Fixed legend size and positioning (#47)

  • Added scale legend to heat map chart

  • Added option to show/hide the grid lines on the chart (#53)

  • Added support for negative values in bar charts (#17)

  • Fixed bug with reduce call (#56)

  • Changed the tooltip to be hidden initially in order to avoid overflow and scrollbars. (#57)

  • Fixed AOT bugs (#46)


  • Added AOT compilation support

  • Fixed bug where BrowserModule was imported multiple times


  • Added transition animation to TreeMap chart

  • Added tooltips to TreeMap, Line, Area, and Pie Grid charts

  • Fixed TreeMap click event

  • Updated TreeMap label positioning and style

  • Changed the starting opacity of bars in bar chart

  • Updated the circles behavior on Line and Area charts


  • Added Tooltips to charts

  • Added TreeMap chart


  • Upgraded to Angular 2.0.0

  • Upgraded to TypeScript 2.0.2

  • Added timeline line and area charts

  • Removed margin from inputs

  • Prevented charts from double rendering on init

  • Added transition animations to pie, line and area charts, and updated transitions on bar charts


  • Implemented smart axis labels (#32)

  • Upgraded D3 to 4.0 (#6)


  • Initial release

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