Column modes allow you to have a variety of different ways to apply column width distribution to the columns. The table comes with 3 modes; standard, flex, force.


Columns are distributed given the width's defined in the column options.


Flex mode distributes the width's grow factor relative to other columns. It works the same as the flex-grow API in CSS. Basically it takes any available extra width and distribute it proportionally according to each column's flexGrow value.

Flex is not suggested for when using scrollH.


Force mode forces the widths of the columns to distribute equally but overflowing when the min-width of each column is reached. The rules are:

  • If combined widths are less than the total width of the grid, proportion the widths given the min / max / normal widths to fill the width.

  • If the combined widths, exceed the total width of the grid, use the standard widths.

  • If a column is resized, it should always use that width.

  • The proportional widths should never fall below min size if specified.

  • If the grid starts off small but then becomes greater than the size ( + / - ) the width should use the original width; not the newly proportioned widths.

Force is usually the ideal column distribution method when columns do not need to be a fixed sized.

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